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Photography Guide for Landscape and Lawn Care Businesses

Elevate Your Website & Social Media with our checklist

For every landscape and lawn care business, real world photographs are not just for show; they’re a testament to your expertise and dedication. We’ve created the definitive checklist to help you capture great photos of your work.

Why Use Our Checklist?

Sneak Peek into the Checklist:

  • 📸 Before You Dive In: Preparation is key! Equip yourself with a quality camera, ensure a pristine work area, and always secure client consent.
  • 🌳 Versatile Shot Ideas: From ‘Before and After’ shots that depict transformative magic to close-up detailing that illustrates meticulous precision.
  • ✨ Angles & Composition: Whether it’s the grandeur of wide-angle shots or the intimacy of close-ups, discover how to nail every frame.
  • 🌞 Master the Light: Tips and tricks on using natural light to your advantage. Say goodbye to overexposed or shadowy images.

Ready to Transform Your Website & Social Media Channels?

Our checklist is tailored specifically for landscaping and lawn care businesses. With step-by-step guides, best practices, and expert tips, this is your go-to resource to perfect your photography game.